The Jeep Wrangler engine oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat. It also contains additives that disperse contaminants and prevent deposits from forming. Eventually the additives break down during use of the vehicle and the oil becomes less effective. Regular maintenance is important in order to keep your Wrangler's engine protected and healthy.

The frequency in which you should change your engine oil depends on your driving style.  Professionals traditionally recommend regular oil changes at 5000 kilometer intervals (about 3000 miles). Many drivers will extend this interval length and be fine but for those pushing their vehicle to it's limits the 5000 km standard is pretty solid.

It's relatively easy to change the oil in your Jeep yourself. You drain it, refill it and replace the oil filter (not in that order) and you're done. And because Wranglers sit pretty high off the ground to begin with, it's not necessary to jack anything up. You'll likely even have an easier time performing an oil change if your Jeep is lifted.

You won't save much money doing an oil change on your own but it is a great way to become familiar with or just check up on the underside of your Jeep. Following these instructions will show you how to perform an oil change without having to lift the Jeep off the ground.

Changing the Jeep Wrangler Engine Oil


13 mm socket
24 mm socket
Torque wrench
Catch pan
Rubber gloves
Shop towels or paper towel


Engine oil - 5W - 20 - 6 quarts
Oil filter - Mopar oil filter for 14-18 JK Wrangler #68191349AA

How to Change the Jeep Wrangler Engine Oil


Step 1 - Park on level ground and warm up engine

Park your Wrangler on level ground and engage the parking brake. Leave the engine running and exit the vehicle. Warm engine oil will drain more quickly than draining it cold so allow the engine to run and move on to step two.

Step 2 - Remove the oil filler cap and turn off the vehicle

Open the hood and prop it up with the prop rod. Remove the engine cover by pulling up on it's front edge and out towards the front of the engine bay.
The oil filler cap is located to the right of the engine. Removing it now will allow the engine oil to drain more smoothly. Remove the oil filler cap.

At this point the engine has been running for a few minutes so it should be sufficiently warmed up. Turn off the vehicle and move on to the next step.

The engine bay of a Jeep Wrangler JK

Step 3 - Remove the drain plug to drain the engine oil

The oil pan of a Jeep Wrangler JK

Get underneath the vehicle to access the oil pan. The oil pan is located at the front end of the Jeep, behind the front axle.

At this point you may want to lay down some cardboard underneath the oil pan as spill protection. Place your catch pan on top of the cardboard and underneath the oil pan below the drain plug. Use the ratchet with the 13 mm socket to remove the drain plug. The engine oil will start to drain as soon as the plug is removed so be sure to have the catch pan in place.

While the engine oil is draining move on to the next step and remove the oil filter.

Step 4 - Remove the oil filter

The oil filter has a black cap which will be found in the center of the engine bay just above the alternator. Use the ratchet and 24 mm socket to remove it.

The oil filter is attached to the cap and will come out with it when you pull the cap out. It's a good idea to have a shop towel or catch pan close by because the filter will drip some oil when it's removed from the engine.

Pull the oil filter off of the cap and remove the O-ring from the cap's seal. Set the used oil filter and O-ring aside for now.

Removing the Jeep Wrangler JK oil filter

Step 5 - Install the new oil filter

There should be a filter and an O-ring inside the new oil filter box. Replace the O-ring around the seal of the oil filter cap. Now replace the oil filter by pressing it into the bottom of the cap. It should snap into place. Apply a light coat of oil to the O-ring before reinstalling the oil filter.

Replace the oil filter and hand tighten until snug. Use the torque wrench with the 24 mm socket to tighten the cap to 18 ft/lbs.

Replacing the oil filter in a Jeep Wrangler JK

Step 6 - Replace the drain plug

Get underneath the Jeep and check to see if all the oil has finished draining from the oil pan. If it has replace the drain bolt using the ratchet and 13 mm socket.

Use the torque wrench to torque the bolt to 20 ft/lbs.

An empty Jeep Wrangler JK oil pan

Step 7 - Refill the engine with oil

Back above at the engine bay, insert the funnel into the oil filler tube. Refill the engine with 5.7 liters (6 quarts) of engine oil. Remove the funnel and replace the oil filler cap.

You can now replace the engine cover.

Refilling the Jeep Wrangler engine oil during an oil change

Step 8 - Start the vehicle and check the oil level

Start the engine and let it run to allow the new oil to circulate. Take this time to get out of the Jeep and inspect your drain bolt and oil filter cap for any leaks. After a few minutes shut off the engine if everything is looking good. Allow the Jeep to sit for up to five minutes before checking the engine oil level with the dipstick.

Step 9 - Reset the change oil notification

If the check engine oil notification is displayed then follow this step to reset it.

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position but do not start the engine. Press the gas pedal to the floor three times within 10 seconds. Now turn off the ignition.
The change oil indicator should now be reset.

Step 10 - Properly dispose of the used engine oil

It is important to properly dispose of your used engine oil. Most dealerships and garages will accept it and so will some retail stores that deal in automotive products and services.  Call first if you're unsure.

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