Don’t disable the seat belt chime in a Jeep Wrangler and don’t follow the step by step directions in this post that will walk you through the process of doing so. I mean, sure the chime can get annoying if you’re driving around unbuckled but don’t drive around unbuckled. But if you do drive around unbuckled and the chime annoys you then you could follow this walk-through to turn it off. But don’t.

This procedure is relatively simple but I have seen comments online from those who just can’t get it to work.  Maybe because of it’s simplicity people get careless?  I don’t know but the steps below have worked for me so if you follow them exactly as they are laid out it should work for any Wrangler JK.

Disable the Seat Belt Chime in a Jeep Wrangler JK

Get inside the driver’s seat of your Wrangler and buckle up.

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position but do not start the engine.

Wait for the seat belt warning light to turn off.

Now unbuckle and re-buckle the seat belt at least three times within 10 seconds.  Be sure to end the sequence with the seat belt in the buckled position.

Turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position.  A single chime will sound to signify the successful completion of the sequence.

Turn off the ignition.

The seat belt chime is now disabled.


If you are sure that you followed the sequence exactly as listed above and the chime is still on here are a couple notes to consider when trying it again.

Be sure that you complete the entire sequence within 60 seconds of the ignition being switched to the ON position.

Be sure that the vehicle registers that the driver’s seat belt has been unbuckled while unbuckling and re-buckling the seat belt as outlined in the fourth step of the sequence.  You may have to retract the seat belt far enough in order for this to happen.

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